Professional DVB-S/S2 receiver CRT1081IRD-S2-IP

According to a high integration, wide functionality and compatability with the equipment of different manufactures this device occupied a leading position in sales. Reliable and stable device deserved an increasing demand among operators of pay TV.


CRT1081IRD-IPE is a compact size 8-channel professional receiver decoder. It combines 8 full featured DVB-S receivers with Common Interface for descrambling of the services. It's envisaged to use 2 interfaces for the transmission of the received data. The first interface which is standard for DVB-ASI lets you provide a connection with DVB multiplexers, IPTV streamers and other devices which generate digital streams. The second interface lets you arrange an encapsulation of DVB services according to DVB-over-IP protocol. It's possible to manage a Multicast broadcast of up to 64 digital TV-programms or the transport of each received transponder by DVB-S2 receiver via Unicast. As a physical media of IP streams transmission it's used 1 Gbit Ethernet network adapter. Device is performed in 1U case, 19'' rack mount.


8 DVB-S receivers. Full featured DVB-S receivers for reception in digit. 8 CI Slots. DVB-CI compatible interface access for CAM modules for descrambling of the services. 8 DVB-ASI outputs. EN 50083-9 compatible outputs to provide ASI connection with other devices.. 1 Gbit Ethernet network adapter. It's used for transmission of DVB services in IP networks. TCP/IP connection. TCP/IP interface is used to access the device via 100 Mbit Ethernet adapter. Web interface. Standard Web interface is used for device control and embedded application configurations. AC 220V power supply. 220V power supply source is used for device normal operation. Compact size. Thanks to its compact size (19” 1U) the device can be easily integrated into the DVB, IPTV or other Head Ends. Application. SMATV, CATV, MMDS, MVDS, IPTV Head Ends.