Catch-up TV Ready

Interactive TV with the IP>QAM box

IP>QAM supports management of watching TV on the screen of your mobile device (Second Screen). This connectivity between mobile and TV allow You to enjoy a new experience of watching of interactive TV programs. You will also be able to use Multiscreen technology for continuous viewing of programs on all TV-sets at your home.

Please find our application ”Crypton IP>QAM” at Google Play and install it on your mobile device.

To start the application You need to connect IP>QAM Box to a TV-set, turn IP>QAM on and configure it.

When you start the application, it will automatically find active IP>QAM devices in your network and prompts you to choose which one you want to use for watching.

IP>QAM select

The next window shows all available TV programs, classified by thematic groups. If delayed viewing(Catch up TV) service is available, you will see a list of programs on each channel. Search and selection of channels and groups are standard tools of Android device.

IP>QAM next-select

Channels available in TimeShift mode allow you to watch recorded TV programs any time you want, rewind and pause them.

IP>QAM next-select

If a third-party Catch-Up TV server is used then it's necessary to adjust the requests between IP>QAM and the server. This possibility exists because the IP>QAM has an open scripting part of the firmware.