MPEG-2 encoder COD882ASI

Eight channel MPEG-2 encoder COD882(front view)

COD 882ASI – is an eight channel MPEG-2 encoder, multiplexer and DVB-CAS scrambler. Embedded DVB-S modulator version is also available (COD882MSL).
  • 8x analog video & stereo audio inputs
  • 8x MPEG2 A/V encoders
  • Embedded multiplexer
  • Embedded DVB EPG injector (24 hours/7 days)
  • DVB NIT support
  • Embedded DVB-CAS scrambler
  • 1x ASI (COD882ASI) or 1x DVB-S (950-1950 MHz, COD882MSL) outputs
  • 1U, 19" rack mount case
  • Eight analog inputs. Eight analog programs (video & stereo audio) are transformed into one digital multi-program transport stream (MPEG2-video, MPEG1 Layer 2sound).
  • Set of bit rates for audio and video. Each programm can be simultaneously encoded with different video and audio bit rates.
  • TV and radio channels. Each programm can be chosen to be a TV (video and stereo audio) or a radio (stereo audio only).
  • Disabling program. The program can be disabled. All associated with the program elementary streams are eliminated from the output transport stream without any influence to the rest of the programs
  • Independent change of program settings. Independent from other programs settings change can be made that do not affect other programs changes.
  • NIT/EPG injector. 7 days DVB EPG injection is supported along with DVB NIT.
  • DVB-CAS scrambler. If conditional access is required the embedded DVB-CAS scrambler is available for program scrambling
  • CAS Crypton. The embedded SMS generator injects ECM streams for descrambling services with CAS Crypton Smart Cards.
  • ASI output (COD882ASI). DVB ASI interface is used to output TS
  • Device control. Ethernet network adapter and TCP/IP protocl is used for the device control.
  • Reliable software. Crypton Software Suite (CSS) is a set of programs and utilities that a network operator can use for easy management of all the services broadcasted with Crypton equipment.
Download Datasheet PDF Download Datasheet Crypton COD882ASI in pdf (376 kB)
Download Datasheet PDF Download Datasheet Crypton COD882MSL in pdf (382 kB)