CAS Crypton Scrambler COD912IPE

Скремблер COD912IPE


    COD912IPE is a compact size 4-channel CAS Crypton IP scrambler. Up to four IP encapsulated DVB transport streams can be received on the device inputs, scrambled in accordance with DVB-CAS and forwarded to the device outputs. Subscriber management is provided with CAS Crypton propriotary conditional access system. All device control is done with Web interface.

Technical Specifications:

TS Input/output
Number of 1Gbit Ethernet IP ports1
Max. Number of Transport Streams4
SpecificationETSI TS 102034, ETSI TS 13818-1
Streaming protocolsUDP
Streaming typeMulticast, Unicast
Max.Number of DVB Scramblers4
Max.Number of SCG per scrambler16
Max.Number of PIDs per scrambler256
Conditional AccessCAS Cryton
Device control
Number of 100Mbit Ethernet IP ports1
SpecificationHttp(Web interface)
DimensionsMulticast, Unicast
Width, mm490
Height, mm44
Depth, mm300
Download Datasheet PDF Download Datasheet PDF(209 kb)
Download CAS Crypton DVB-over-IP scrambling setting up PDF Download CAS Crypton DVB-over-IP scrambling setting up PDF (222 kb)