4-channel DVB-C modulator CRT1041M-C-02

4-channel DVB-C Modulator CRT1041M-C-02

CRT1041M-C-02 is a compact size 4-channel DVB-C modulator. Transport stream of four independent multiplexers come respectively to four DVB-ASI inputs of modulators .Two pairs of QAM modulated signals output as adjacent up-converted carriers. Central frequency of the first channel tunes in the range 48–850 MHz, and the other one is always shifted 8 MHz up. Modulation types of 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256QAM are supported. Set of 6.750, 6.875 and 7.000 Msps symbol rates are intended for 8 MHz channel spacing applications. Basically the device can be used in cable, MMDS or SMATV digital TV networks.

Technical Specifications

Number of channels4
SpecificationEN 50083-9
Input impedance75 Ohm
Connector typeIEC 169-8, BNC-type
Operation modesByte/packet, 188/204 (auto detect)
Maximum input bit rate213 Mbps(packet), 72Mbps(byte)
DVB-C Modulator
Number of RF outputs2
Number of QAM modulated channels4 (Each RF output provides up to 2 adjacent QAM modulated channels)
Adjacent channel carrier shift8 MHz
SpecificationEN 300429
SR, Msps6.750, 6.875, 7.000
QAM modulation typeQAM16, QAM32, QAM64, QAM128, QAM256
MER, QAM25640 dB
Spurious and harmonics, dBc-50
Frequency range, MHz48 – 850
Output power, dBuV110±2
Output impedance, Ohm75
Connector typeIEC F-type
Device control
Number of 100Mbit Ethernet IP ports1
Specificationhttp(Web интерфейс)
Width, mm490
Height, mm44
Depth, mm300

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