4-channel DVB-C Modulator with embedded CAS Crypton scrambler CRT1041M-C-IP

QAM Modulator CRT1041M-C-IP

CRT1041M-C-IP is a compact size Edge QAM Modulator with embedded CAS Crypton scrambler. Up to four IP encapsulated MPTS streams can be received on the device MPE input. Selective DVB-CAS scrambling of DTV programs along with address subscriber massage system(CAS Crypton) let you provide efficient Pay TV business model. Each of the streames is DVB-C modulated and up-converted to the RF Band(48-850MHz).All device control is done with Web interface. SNMP let your NMS to perform real time monitoring and logging the device basic parameters.

Technical Specifications

TS Input
Number of 1Gbit Ethernet IP ports1
Max. Number of Transport Streams4
SpecificationETSI TS 102034, ETSI TS 13818-1
Streaming protocolsUDP
Streaming typeMulticast, Unicast
SpecificationTSI ETR 289
Max. Number of DVB-CAS Scramblers4
Max. Number of SCG per scrambler16
Max. Number of PIDs per scrambler256
Conditional AccessCAS Crypton
DVB-C Modulator
Number of RF outputs2
Number of QAM modulated channels4 (Each RF output provides up to 2 adjacent QAM modulated channels)
Adjacent channel carrier shift8 MHz
SpecificationEN 300 429
SR, Msps6.750, 6.875, 7.000
QAM modulation typeQAM16, QAM32, QAM64, QAM128, QAM256
MER, QAM25640 dB
Frequency range48 – 850MHz
Min. output power110 dBuV
Output impedance75 Ohm
Connector typeIEC F-type
Spurious and harmonics-50 dBc
Output attenuator0 – 31 dB, step 1dB
Device control
Number of 100Mbit Ethernet IP ports1
Specificationhttp ( Web интерфейс )
Width, mm490
Height, mm44
Depth, mm300

Functional block diagram

Functional block diagram CRT1041M-C-IP
DVB-over-IP MPE receives up to four IP encapsulated MPTS streams.
MPE Channel Filter arranges reception channel for one MPTS stream from IP network. That MPTS is preliminary built with third party multiplexer.
Scrambler CAS Crypton selectively scrambles DTV programs within the stream and provides conditional access in accordance with CAS Crypton specification.
DVB-C Modulator convertes input MPTS stream to DVB-C modulated signal.
RF Up Convertor shifts pair of adjacent (8MHz offset) DVB-C modulated carriers to RF Band (48-850МHz).
Control 100Mbit Ethernet provide physical connection for device control over Web and CAS Crypton interconnect for SMS provision.
SNMP 100Mbit Ethernet port is dedicated to SNMP agent providing NMS with real time information for monitoring and logging the device basic functionality.

download datasheet in PDF Download datasheet 4-channel DVB-C Modulator CRT1041M-C-IP in pdf