Compact size 8-channel multiplexing DVB-S2 Receiver CRT1081IRD-S2-MX


Multiplexer CRT1081IRD-S2-MX
CRT1081IRD-S2-MX – is a compact size eight channel DVB-S2 integrated receiver decoder with embedded four channel DVB remultiplexer. The device consists of 8 full featured DVB-S/S2 receivers, 4 DVB-ASI input interfaces, flexibly configurable 8-channel Common Interface for descrambling services and 4-channel DVB remultiplexer with DVB EPG processor, DVB-ASI and DVB-over-IP outputs, all in one 19-inch, 1U case. Such a compact and high integrated solution lets you build your network central station with an exceptional efficiency. WEB control interface lets you control all the system no matter where you are at the moment.

Technical specifications:

DVB-S/S2 receivers
Number of channels8
Receiving frequency range950-2150 MHz
Input signal level-65…-25 dBm
Nominal RF input impedance75 Ohm
Connector typeIEC, F-type
Max. LNB power13/18 V, 400 mA
Symbol rate1-45 Mbaud(QPSK, 8PSK)
Common Interface
Number of channels8
SpecificationsEN50221, ETSI TS 101699
DVB-ASI inputs
Number of channels4
SpecificationsEN 50083-9
Connector typeIEC 169-8, BNC-type
Operation modesauto detect
Max. input bitrate, Mbit/s213 (packet), 72 (byte)
DVB multiplexers
Number of input channels12
Number of output channels4
SpecificationsISO IEC 13818-1
Max. output bitrate (all channels On)300 Mbit/s(IP), 400 Mbit/s(ASI)
PID restampingYes
SI/PSI processingYes
DVB EPG serverYes(embedded)
DVB NIT serverYes(embedded)
PCR jitter
DVB-ASI outputs
Number of output channels4
SpecificationsEN 50083-9
Connector typeIEC 169-8, BNC-type
Operation modesByte/Packet, 188 byte
Max. output bitrate, Mbit/s213 (packet), 72 (byte)
SpecificationETSI TS102034
Streaming protocolUDP
Streaming typeMulticast/Unicast
Number of DVB-over-IP streams4 (ASI bound MPTS)
Network interface1 Gbit Ethernet
Control softwareHTTP server (Web)
Control interface100 Mbit Ethernet, TCP/IP
Supply voltage90-264 V
Max. power60 W
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