Traffic saving

The usual set-top box does not know that you have shut down the TV and the transmission continues. If you watched the recorded TV show or movie, it continues reading from the disk space. If you watched the paid content, it continues to be consumed.

It will not happen to IP>QAM because it is powered from the USB port of the TV. When you turn off the TV, you disable IP>QAM as well.

Nowadays interactive TV is not very common, not everyone understands the scale of the problem. The volume of services provided to the offline TVs, can exceed the volume of services provided to people several times. It is not a trifle! Considering the scale, it turns to be a serious problem.

It is time to raise the alarm now!

Because when the network will be built and the set-top boxes will be installed, it will be too late!

Note that ISP does not have ability to break a lot of connections after some time. Previously you could reset the connection every half-hour, when television was over the air or cable, and IPTV was as a bonus.Moreover, the disconnection should done so that the set-top box without human intervention could not reconnect. Now the connection reset violates a contract for the provision of IPTV services. If the provider can not guarantee the continuous broadcasting during the Presidents New Year's speech or the final goal in the Football World Cup, it is obviously that he's not in place.