QAM modulator CRT1041QAM

CRT1041QAM is a compact size 4-channel DVB-C modulator. Transport stream of four independent multiplexers come respectively to four DVB-ASI inputs of modulators .Two pairs of QAM modulated signals output as adjacent up-converted carriers. Central frequency of the first channel tunes in the range 48–394 MHz, and the other one is always shifted 8 MHz up. Modulation types of 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256QAM are supported. Fixed 6,875 Msps symbol rate is intended for 8 MHz channel spacing applications. Basically the device can be used in cable, MMDS or SMATV digital TV networks.


  • 4 DVB-ASI inputs. EN 50083-9 compatible inputs to receive DVB transport streams from DVB multiplexers.
  • 4 DVB-C modulators. Four SPTS or MPTS are modulated independently with one of QAM modulation types in accordance with EN 300429.
  • RF Output. Two adjacent QAM modulated signals are up-converted to the frequency band of 48-394 MHz.
  • Device control. The device control is performed with keypad and current settings are displayed at LCD panel screen.
  • AC 220V power supply. 220V power supply is used for device reliable long time operation.
  • Compact size. Compact (19”, 1U) device size let you efficiently use the device as a component of your digital TV Head-End.
  • Application. CATV, MMDS, SMATV.