CAS Crypton Scrambler COD912ASI

COD912ASI is a DVB Scrambler and CAS Crypton SMS generator for Pay TV. Additional DVB, EPG, NIT and other DVB SI injection modules let you build the DTV distribution network with minimum expenses and maximum efficiency. Embedded DVB-S modulator outputs up-converted to L-Band QPSK modulated IF signal.
  • 1x ASI Input
  • DVB EPG injector
  • DVB NIT support
  • Embedded DVB-CAS scrambler (CAS Crypton)
  • 1x ASI. (Modes: «byte/packet», «188/204 byte») & 1x DVB-S (950-1950 MHz) outputs
  • 1U, 19" rack mount case
  • ASI input. The transport stream coming from different sources (such as professional receivers or MPEG encoders) are received to the device's ASI input.
  • Service information editing. PSI/SI edit is available to satisfy your network special requirements.
  • NIT/EPG injector 7 days DVB EPG injection is supported along with DVB NIT
  • DVB-CAS scrambler. If conditional access is required the embedded DVB-CAS scrambler is available for programs scrambling
  • CAS Crypton. Embedded SMS generator injects ECM streams for descrambling services with CAS Crypton Smart Cards
  • ASI output. DVB ASI interface is used to output TS.
  • DVB-S modulator (COD912MSL). Embedded DVB-S modulator outputs QPSK modulated signal (950-1950 MHz) for direct interfacing transmitter BUC
  • Device control. Ethernet network adapter and TCP/IP protocol is used for the device control
  • Reliable software. Crypton Software Suite (CSS) is a set of programs and utilities that network operator can use for easy management of all the services broadcasted with Crypton equipment.
Download Datasheet PDF Download Datasheet Crypton COD912ASI in pdf (321 kB)
Download Datasheet PDF Download Datasheet Crypton COD912MSL in pdf (333 kB)