True MultiScreen, Secondscreen

IP>QAM has an easy and user-friendly management interface

When using IP>QAM the TV-set is always tuned to one frequency and one program and is not switched. The programs are switched in the IP>QAM due to selection of the program source from the program list. IP>QAM does not generate the OSD. And at first look it may seem as a disadvantage for the users who are accustomed to the OSD of the set-top boxes with 200 programs. Crypton provides another way to interact with the module. Easy device management is achieved by using a smartphone, tablet, or in the simplest case the remote control of your TV is.

The first interface

needs to use only 4 any buttons on the remote control. Usually the TV remote has 4 free buttons. IP>QAM can be easily trained to understand signals from these buttons. 2 buttons are used to switch the programs up and down inside the software package, and the other 2 buttons - up and down between the software packages. If the list of packages and programs compiled individually for each user, there is no need to turn all 200 programs. You get to the right once. The simplest interface is optimized for daily use by all members of family.

The second interface. Second Screen

using mobile gadgets allows you to organize user-friendly interface to search programs over the network, manage delayed watching, receiving annotations to programs, as well as other related information from the Internet, while the selected channel is continuously broadcasted on the TV screen, you can view all icons, learn all menus, schedules, etc. on your smartphone or tablet on the provider's website. You choose what do you want to watch, and in one-click transfer the program in full resolution on the big screen. Undoubtedly, the search for the desired show on your smartphone will be more effective than web surfing with the remote control on the TV screen. Leave it to masochists.


Very handy feature, provided by our device is Multiscreen. Using a mobile device (Android cell phone or tablet), you can put on pause watching on one TV, and continue it in any other in your home network, or use the built-in player on the mobile screen.

Easy setup.

The basic settings can be managed from any web browser on the web-page of the device.

Automatic update

The device supports auto update from IPTV provider's server or the manufacturer's website.

Open-source software

A built-in scripting programming language uses open API, and extends the capabilities of the device to adapt to the needs of the network provider.

Application in Google Play Market

Crypton designed an application for Android- devices. It is free to download and installation. Search in Google Play Market application Crypton IP>QAM.