TV Set unification

IP>QAM box is a tiny DVB-C Modulator with IP input. The incoming transport stream received from the Internet, is converted into a digital television radio frequency signal. Modulation standards and parameters fully meet the standards of digital cable TV. For maximum compatibility with all Tvs, the type of modulation QAM-64 with 62 MHz carrier frequency. The feature is that only one program is transmitted.

Any TV that can receive digital TV signal, will normally receive IPTV with the help of IP>QAM box.

Setting of the TV-set must be made according to the user manual

IP>QAM box can be adapted to work with any remote.

When you customize it You click the button on the remote and the set-top box remembers the code of the command.

The configuration interface of the remote control

allows you to adapt IP>QAM to the commands from the remote control of TV. You need to choose any four idle keys of the TV remote (So the devices would not interfere with each other).

The buttons Channel + / Channel - allow you to browse the channel list of your IPTV provider.

If Your provider has the channels sorted by thematic groups (Music, Movie, etc.), the keys Channels Group+ / Channels Group- allow you to switch between the thematic groups.

Note. Make sure, in any order, you need to assign all four keys. Frame color all keys should be green, which means - learning procedure was successful