Company profile

The Crypton company was founded in 1992. Since its inception, Crypton has developed into a dynamically developing company enterprise with a significant focus on research and testing, which has made us a top-tier technology specialists.

Crypton possesses advanced technologies, it has great scientific potential and qualified specialists.

In 28 years of considerable activity, Crypton has allowed more than 150 TV companies around the world to organize Pay TV!

Activities of Crypton

  • development and production of scrambling systems for TV signal and related equipment
  • development of solutions for organization of pay TV: IPTV broadcasting, cable broadcasting or IPTV + cable (hybrid) TV broadcasting
  • development and production of professional equipment for digital broadcast TV in cable, ether and satellite networks
  • production of equipment for organizing interactive television - VoD, Multiscren, TVoIP, Time Shifted TV, Catch-up TV

We cooperate with more than 150 TV companies around the world, including Europe, CIS countries, the Near East, Asia and North America.

Starting from the market of subscriber satellite TV receivers and having taken over it, the company has successfully expanded its production and research interests, covering all new industries. First of all, this includes terrestrial television broadcasting systems such as MITRIS. With these systems, we have come all the way from the evolution of multichannel analog television broadcasting systems to interactive multimedia systems.

Active participation

Our activity is not limited to the development of TV coding methods, we also take part in exhibitions and conferences. For many years, the company has been an active participant in such major events: SCaT India, IBC Exhibition, "Eastern European Telecommunications and Radio Broadcasting Exhibition EEBC Telecom & Broadcasting (EEBC / expoTEL)", "International Television and Telecommunications Exhibition CSTB Telecom & Media", Broadcast India Show and many others.

Future plans

Crypton has both opportunities and ambitions. We have many plans for technical and business development. We do a lot to attract domestic and foreign partners.

We invite everyone who is ready to cooperate with us to mutually beneficial cooperation!

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