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IPTV Video Server Lite (Crypton Catch-up TV Lite)

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Model for small networks, budget solution


IPTV Videoserver Lite (Crypton Catch-up TV Lite) is a high-performance hardware and software complex. It is designed to organize Live IPTV services and Timeshift watching of television programs (Catch-up TV) in networks of multiservice operators (MSO) and Internet providers (ISPs). Also, IPTV/OTT Server allows you to provide such services as VoD, TV on Demand, Pause Live TV.

A lightweight version of the Catch-up TV server has all its basic properties, with the only difference in the number of simultaneously active compounds and, as a consequence, the reduced cost of the solution.

Relay of simple UDP SPTS Multicast (DVB-over-IP) streams using Http access technology (DVB-over-Http) is necessary for the normal operation of various connected TV channel viewers that are physically located in the home LAN (behind the router) to the network of your ISP or an MSO using OTT TV technology.

You need an IPTV Media Server for interactive broadcasting if you already have a line TV head station. In this case, it is enough to put an IPTV Video Server from Crypton on the output as an IP streamer. Just one device and you can start broadcasting interactive TV IPTV!

The device is used in conjunction with devices to capture digital television programs broadcast from satellites, terrestrial, cable, or Internet networks.

Brief description of the main blocks

  • User Web Interface provides a user interface for configuring all functional components
  • HLS Segmenter captures UDP IPTV streams and records them in a video archive with timestamps
  • TV Archive provides high-performance access to recorded television programs
  • EPG Processor allows you to download an electronic TV guide from the Internet and use it to set up recording in a TV archive and generate an interactive playlist
  • Media playlist Generator generates an interactive playlist for access to programs in the TV archive
  • Media Server provides multi-user access of network clients to the archive of television programs or live broadcasting
  • Http Server provides transport of video streams from the IPTV Video Server Lite to the client device in TCP/IP networks of various topologies


Network interface №1

Organization of Http Live/On-Demand broadcasting, device management
Physical interface
10Gbit Ethernet
SFP+ slot (SFF-8431)

Network interface №2

Reception of transport TV streams, device control
Physical interface
1Gbit Ethernet
UDP, TCP/IP, DVB-over-IP (ETSI TS 102034), Http, SNMP
Input Stream Type
UDP multicast/unicast

IPTV Server Lite

Disk array capacity
HDD 4 TByte
Broadcast type of TV programs
Live IPTV, Catch-up IPTV, Catch-up HLS
Number of independent IPTV streams*
2000 (SD), 500 (HD)
Number of independent VoD streams*
250 (SD), 80 (HD)
Number of programs in the archive**
128 (SD), 40 (HD)
Depth of TV archive, hours***

Device control

Control software
Web Interface

Technical specification

Power supply, V
AC voltage frequency, Hz

Terms of Use

Nominal temperature
10...30 ℃
Max. relative humidity
80 %


485 mm
295 mm
90 mm
6 kg


* Depends on the bit rate of the data being written.

** Depends on the bit rate of the data being written.

*** It can be increased or decreased depending on the number of programs placed in the TV archive. It is not recommended to use a depth of less than 12 hours and fill the SSD array by more than 70%, as this can lead to a decrease in the life of the media.