HD / UHD Ready

IP>QAM performs the highest possible quality of any TV.

Usual set-top box limits the quality at its level.

When buying a TV, you pay special attention to the technical specifications, watch reviews, read customer feedbacks. You want to get from your TV's maximum functionality. But then you connect cheap set-top box to your TV. Signal processing is in set top box. Market demands for ultra-low price set-top boxes and some connectors and functionality are excluded from it, even if it cannot be excluded. For the signal processing is used the cheapest simplified chipset and codecs. Meantime powerful TV processor is idle. The most expensive TV is used as a simple monitor and shows what was given by the cheapest set-top box.

The idea that the digital signal will pass through the usual set-top box without loss - is wrong.

Losses occur when decoding the compressed video and forming dynamic picture in desired resolution and complex transitions. Users of IP>QAM will immediately see the significant improvement of image quality in comparison to usual set-top boxes. IP>QAM does not render the signal, the TV receives the original digital signal and not a single bit is changed. The signal is rendered by the TV modules, and the cost of those modules is ten times bigger than that of the set top box. TV set uses only patented technologies, implements all the research and corporate achievements. Only combination of these achievements and tecnologies allows to open full potential of the TV.

So let your TV show its full potential!

Why buy an expensive TV set and not allow it to operate at full strength, connecting set-top box?

We tested IP>QAM working with a signal on 37Mbps

This is more than the standard of Ultra High Definition Television (eng. Ultra High Definition Television, UHDTV)!

37Mbps Is the limit for modulation QAM64.

For higher bitrate you need to use QAM256 modulation. As IP>QAM has automatic software update it's enough to put on your server another version of firmware and all IP>QAMs will be updated. It has no limits in bitrate! We put QAM64, because all TV-sets we were guided by guaranteed presence of a demodulator in all.

Finally, two important observations

  1. It doesn't matter what TV do you have, with the Set-top box you'll never get the highest quality and prime content, because CI+ interface is not possible in the set-top box. Do not expect that you'll get something valuable in the unencrypted broadcasting .
  2. The steeper your TV, the bigger the gap with a set-top box. 4K ULTRA HD TV with the patented H.265 codec will get old before before you will be able to purchase a TV box of its level. . And do not expect that it will be cheap one. But if You really got it somewhere, see para. 1

The second aspect of quality television

Providers OTT TV (Over the Top - Internet television) in their efforts to take the largest market, recode the original image. Thus the original broadcast is immediately recoded to a lower resolution (for mobile devices) and it is stored as compressed file. It has very positive points. Even having slow internet people can watch films and programs. But the loss of quality is tremendous. It's one thing when the program authors create it using a very expensive studio equipment. And it's quite another thing when all programs are en masse compressed on unknown equipment at the providers site. So only the main plot remains from the author's program. We can only guess what is happening on the screen. We are taught to watch TV shows in very poor quality, but enough! We do not need to get use to it!

Our decision- show all programs as in the original, without recoding

And it's real! You do not need to spend money!


Our product won't work with the mobile Internet and situations where there is no Internet.