Power combiner RF band for digital TV headend PWC1120R


Power Combiner PWC1120R
PWC1120R is a 12-channel RF power combiner. The device have very high input isolation characteristics and power loss compensation on the output. It is ideally suited for multichannel DTV broadcast in cable networks.

Technical Specifications

Number of RF inputs12
Operational bandwidth50 – 850 MHz
Max. Input signal level120 dBuV
Channel isolation min.30 dB
Nominal input impedance75 Ohm
ConnectorIEC, F-type
Output amplifier
IP345 dBm
IP130 dBm
IP288 dB
Gain flatness±0.4 dB(50 — 850 MHz)
Number of RF outputs1
ConnectorIEC, F-type
Power supply
Supply voltage220v, 50Hz
Max. power consumption15 W
Climate conditions
Nominal temperature10 … 40 ºC
Max. relative humidity80%
Width, mm490
Height, mm300
Depth, mm44
12-channel RF power combiner Datasheet 12-channel RF power combiner Datasheet in PDF