DTH providers

The development of Internet heavily undermined the DTH business. The outflow of subscribers from DTH to IPTV are so substantial that more often the question arises about the profitability of the satellite as a way of transportation of content.

Our solution allows you to turn disadvantages into benefits, competitors - to allies. Now Internet has superseded DTH from the big cities, but our IP>QAM box will bring DTH to the big cities back with the help of Internet.

DTH over IP

A single satellite antenna is enough to cover whole city, the signal in the original encoding is delivered via the Internet to anyone, to module IP>QAM, with him - to the antenna input of the TV, and then - in the CI slot of the TV. Delivery of your signal to everyone without changing the encoding solved! Your goal is reached! You can get money from the subscribers! Now the Internet is your assistant.

Anyone living in a big city becomes your subscriber and the subscriber, while he does not need a satellite dish, that the city - an insoluble problem. At the same time, ISPs are concerned about high-quality delivery of the Internet, because this service is paid by subscribers separately.

Presentation "DTH-over-IP as the form of mutually profitable cooperation" on the XXІІ Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair