For ISPs

Equipment for interactive television turnkey.

We offer the most advanced television technology - interactive television.

We do not offer you a standard TV and competition with local cable TV or IPTV provider. With the appearance of low-cost broadband Internet, cable TV is not developing. Internet TV and IPTV are developing rapidly and broadcasting unencrypted they are cutting their own throat. Replicating content, they devalue service they are planning to sell.

Our equipment enables the secure delivery of high-quality content via the Internet. Availability of Prime content on your network will be the undisputed advantage in competition.

For Internet service providers

Your income is Internet delivery. You do not need to buy or steal the TV or obtain a license for TV broadcasting, etc. In fact you are not a TV broadcaster. You only deliver internet, but you need to do your job efficiently, then people will be able to buy the programs, where they want. They would not ask the ISP, instead they would go directly to the content owner, buy IP>QAM and CAM-modules and subscribe to any software packages and enjoy the high-quality programs. And the ISP can help them find programs in the Internet and to improve the quality of delivery, reduce the incoming traffic by the use of CDN servers, for example, we offer our solution CATCH UP Server.Internet access is under your control, thus you will get the money. You have a fully legal business, and any content owner will be very interested in your development.

To build a business you do not need to spend a single penny!

Start today. By the way, you can sell subscriptions to program packages, the CAM modules, which are in demand and, and IP>QAM set-top boxes.

For ISPs who have not yet organized the broadcast interactive IPTV

We offer to start with broadcastin open channels. For organization of interactive IPTV, we suggest using our CATCH-UP server. Immediately you'll have competitive advantage - Catch-Up TV. People can watch TV after it was over, use rewind, pause, and other features of interactive television